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Bitstarz not paying 100k USD

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  • Bitstarz not paying 100k USD

    Hello everybody, we have got an email that Bitstarz casino didn't pay to the player 100 000 USD. Here is the original email from the player:
    Hello, bestnetent my names sue johnson id like to message you for support/advice/help with my issue with bitstarz online casino so basically I've had a few good-sized wins (not from bonuses) over past two days. I've uploaded a fair few deposits since being a member at bitstarz who I thought where a legit online casino and had a good rating... well i won around 20 thousand dollars then wanted to withdraw some of the winnings I went threw the uploading of documents they accepted my id and license but nothing else few hours pass and they where stalling saying I had to wait then I received msgs saying I needed more bank statements/photos of cards then nothing so the next day I'm playing and was lucky enough to win big again and my balance grew to 100k I then find my account disabled ..they then claim cause I got a family member that I live with to use their card to upload to my account.
    There was no problem before my win with uploading money to them (i wasn't sure if bitstarz were safe or not) I have screenshots of conversations with them and showing my winnings and that aswell there only reason for not fulfilling my winnings is the use of a different card for deposits to my account? I feel like I've been mistreated by there staff as they basically just told me well to bad accounts closed and there's nothing I can do about it id very much appreciate your assistance with this matter
    Players name censored.

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    From our side, this is very strange that Bitstarz didn't pay anything as it is one of the most trusted casinos in my eyes. They have commented that the payment was a fraud and it was made by the 3rd party.