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Viggoslots Refusal to verify and to explain why I was shorted on Cash back

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  • Viggoslots Refusal to verify and to explain why I was shorted on Cash back

    Last January I was playing with Viggoslots as i had for about a year with out incident, but had never attempted to cash out, then I won big. In the course of two plus weeks I had won $19,000 and played it down to almost nothing then brought it back up to over $26,000 all on slots and all without bonuses or any wagering rules. the entire time ,I made attempts to cash out and was denied without explanation of which documents were not accepted.I should mention that the exact documents were used at around the same time and were granted by two other casinos without question..viggoslots was not as accomodating as i would wait days before receiving an email which was always the same generic list that you can find on their site about the required documents and no explanation of why or which ones needed to be changed or anything. so i kept playing and playing as i kept sending documents , even government documents up to date with my name and address but they denied them then when i sent other documents, they denied those and requested a government one. i ended up playing out what i had won , i should mention they even started capping my bets on the games in which i was winning on and was even admitted to me by their live support. I have everything screenshotted including every single bet I made which there were thousands of bets made within the course of two or so weeks which brings me to my next problem. they promote a 25% cashback every friday for bets placed win or lose and so by taking screenshots of every single bet i was able to calculate within an approximate amount of money I should have received but the first friday was just over $1000 and the next friday was just over $400 which did not add up. I have asked more times than i can literally count, for them to show me why my calculations say i should have been paid more, i have asked them to explain to me how they came to the amount that they did and they keep saying they have no control over the system that calculates the payment and most times they don't even reply. now I received an email saying that they only pay up to $1400 on cashback and tell me to see terms and conditions but the funny thing is that their terms and conditions for bonuses and such are not accessable on their website. they have done absolutely nothing but dodge me or give me an email that literally explains nothing, even after threatening legal action they refuse to co operate. my calculations were in the tens of thousands of bets wagered and even if there was a $1400 cap at the time which there wasn't, I should have easily made the maxiimum. is there anything I can do about this?