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Royal slots not paying winnings

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  • Royal slots not paying winnings

    Dear sir madam,
    I Am looking for some advice and woikd be grateful to hear from you. I won 2800 the other day on royal slots. I tried to withdraw my money. In doing so royal slots asked for id. I provided a bank statement fir the account i topped my account up with a driving licence phone bill but that was rejected and two debit card photos front and back. I have another debit card on the account but have closed this account. They wanted photos of the card i explained the situation and since hearing i am not able to provide a statement for that card either as was paperless when account was in use it serms they are not happy without any proof of this card. I did not use it when i won the 2800 so i feel that they are using this to stop paying out. I do not go out since covid as they asked me to visit the branch. I have family help me as disabled and this has just caused me great stress. They are adamant that i will not get my winnings. My family looked this up and other sites request the card used to deposit bank statement and passport or driv lic. It is not till i tried to withdraw that they tell me about a 2000 threshold and that now need verification. Havr i got any rights with info provided.

    Many thanks

    Gaynor hoare