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Jester Win casino delaying the payments

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  • Jester Win casino delaying the payments

    Customer complaint:
    Jester Win casino delaying the payments

    "I tried to submit this via your site but it’s not allowing me.

    I have been playing at Jesters Win Casino off and on since July 2018. I recently won over $15,000. Their terms and conditions state only $2,000 per week is allowed to be cashed out. Which I understand. I won $700 on March 14th 2019. Their site under terms and conditions state all payouts will be processed and sent between 5-12 business days. They do not include weekends or holidays. It actually says the complete process. Today marks day 13 and I'm being told my payout will not be processed until next week. Monday, actually. Which would be 17 days. And after they process it takes another week to be sent to me. So the entire process takes close to a month now. I've reached out several times asking why they keep prolonging my payout. Bare in mind I have two additional pay out pending both for $2,000 one form March 22nd and another from March 30th. This is because you're only allowed to request $2,000 per week. And the pay out from March 22nd should be sent on April 9th to me. Plus I still have over $10, 0000 I'm not even allowed to request for pay out, it's sitting on my account. They do not give any reason why the pay outs are taking longer and longer. I asked them why they are not honoring their own terms and conditions but they completely ignore my questions, and reply back with longer and longer payout dates. I have all emails and correspondence between Jester Wins and myself. I also have screenshots I can provide of winnings. I'm baffled that they can violate their own terms and conditions, making up the rules , and or changing them whenever they want. It so unfair. Can you please help me?

    I’m also forwarding you this email responses from Jesters Win. They’re not providing any reason why they’re not paying out in accordance to their pay out policy. Any help is so greatly appreciated. I also have several additional emails I can provide corresponding with them. This has been an issue for months now.

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