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  • Fastpay casino owner Blog

    Fastpay casino owner Blog
    I decided to move my blog on the forum from the website. Here I will put updates and main things that are happening to our affiliate website and Fastpay casino through the time.

    About me
    My name is Vlad and I'm working in the online gambling industry from 2006. Yeah, from the online poker affiliate I made a run to the casino owner. Fastpay seems to be the last step in the chain of our projects. We decided to make it a really perfect place for gambling with instant payouts and fair play conception. Okay - I will create a separated post on this theme.

    About the team
    Right now we have about 20 people in the team. This is one of the highest points via employers for the last 13 years and frankly, I do not like it. I becoming administrator more and more. Let's specify the roles for history:
    • Fastpay casino support team - 2.
    • Affiliate slots manager - 1.
    • Affiliate slots help - 2.
    • Translators - 5.
    • Casino management team - 1.
    • Casino affiliate manager - 1.
    • Copywriters and testing team - 5.
    • The rests are guys that are running around lol and one I'm teaching personally.
    The dead season is coming. We are waiting for growing at least the same size as traffic will fall down. Same as we need to decrease the number of unused people in the company.

    Plans and the conception
    Here are the main courses which we shall move this year and points we shall try to reach:
    • Finishing the German version of the affiliate.
    • Finishing and actualising the Australian version of the affiliate.
    • Moving the Turkish version to the separated domain to avoid banning in the local market.
    • Making the Fastpay casino move visible in the local online zones. I want players to try our service.
    • Apply with Fastpay to Swedish licence (if Direx will allow).
    • Maybe we shall open the second casino on MGA license (as Curacao and Direx platform causes players to think that this is a scam with a bad reputation). 2 options: we shall increase the visibility and create a trust for the Fastpay brand or we shall open second casino and push two brands. The first variant is 10 times better for me, but players have no trust to Direx, same as Curacao license.

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    New casino on MGA licenseNew casino from on MGA license

    Today we decided to open second online casino with MGA license. It will focus on white regulated markets, such as UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and others. Hopefully, it will be launched in May. Still thinking about the name of the casino, as the concept is the same - maximum trust to brand and fair play. Unfortunately, on the regulated markets we cannot process instant payouts before the verification is made.

    What we guarantee:
    • Fair attitude to players.
    • A lot of providers for different GEO.
    • We shall accept most part of regulated markets: players from UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany. We shall be able to offer all popular payment methods and all popular games for them.
    • Opened dialogue with players and affiliates on this forum.
    • Generous affiliate program with a didicated affiliate manager and zero tolerance to the shaving of players.
    • Hopefully, we shall be able to create a strong brand of the company and reach an excellent reputation among players and affiliates.


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      Focusing on new markets
      Fastpay casino is coming on a new level. Soon we shall focus on more markets and increase our positions (same as a number of players) several times. As a result, players can expect more promotions and actions ahead. Stay tuned.


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        I like it a lot. In the end, it is my personal blog, right


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            Six days we are building a new VIP program for Fastpay. It will be really cool and add a lot of action. Planing to launch it today.


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              From my last post Fastpay casino has grown in several times. We have an excellent reputation between players and affiliates. The VIP program is running well and in several days we shall move to the New year points exchange. The team is working like Beez and soon we are planning to open the third casino on the standard MGA license without the UK to expand further.
              Congratulations to all members and guests.


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                Decided to open fully operational by our team MGA casino.